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News report on the team building activity of "Concentrate and Create Brilliance Together" in 2021

时间:2021-08-25 17:17:45

On August 22 and 23, in the sunny days, we ushered in the "Jingxian Taohuatan" team building activity. In order to enrich cultural life of employees, enhance team cohesion, reflect the company's humanistic care, and make everyone relaxed and get close to nature after busy work, our company organized more than 60 employees from various departments to go to Taohuatan, Jingxian County to carry out outdoor team building activities.

This event not only allowed employees to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also enriched everyone’s amateur cultural life. And at the same time, it also provided a platform to communicate for each other. It also build a solid foundation for good team cooperation in the company’s operations in future. And it can show the youthful vigor and grace of the elite employees.