TGUP Series Common Mode Choke


Core material: Ferrite

Enviromental: RoHS, Reach compliant ,Halogen free

Weight: 0.50g~2.78g

Moisture Sensitivity:Level (MSL) 1 (unlimited floor life at <30°C / 85% relative humidity).

Operating temperature range: -40~+125℃(including coil’s self temperature rise)

Storage temperature range: -40~+125℃


Measures against common mode noise in power lines for various DC power lines, multimedia devices and various electronic devices, including automotive power trains.

TGUP Series(图1) TGUP Series(图2)
Part No. Inductance (μH) Length
TGUP0740 0.80~18.50 7.30 6.00 3.50 SMD
TGUP0950 1.45~16.40 9.20 7.00 4.50 SMD
TGUP1260 6.50~16.00 12.30 10.80 6.20 SMD

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