Key Points of Winding in Manufacturing Process of High Frequency Transformer


  A、Determine the parameters of BOBBIN

  B、All windings are required to be flat and non-overlapping.

  C、A single set of winding wires can be single-color wires, and double-set winding wires must be divided into two-color wires or open wires soaked in tin to avoid wrong winding

  D、The crossing line must be isolated with tape

  1. The winding is completely and evenly loosened

  2. Dense winding and even tight wiring

  3. Keep a sufficient safety distance A, B between both sides of the coil and the edge of the winding slot

  4. The length of the casing must be sufficient, one end extends into the safety tape of the bobbin, and the other end extends out of the upper edge of the BOBBIN, but not close to the PIN

  5. The outermost layer of tape is cut on the surface of the iron core assembly, and the cut must be covered by the iron core.

  6. The edge of the tape is flush with the winding groove, and the tape is not skewed, folded back or damaged.

  7. Adhesive tape should be pasted under the jumper wire to keep the jumper wire insulated from the bottom coil.