Very competitive switching power supply chip U62133

Switching power supply chip U62133 rekindles the "core" hope


Huawei's latest flagship Mate 60 Pro launched in a low-key manner The sale shocked the world. This flagship phone is the world's first mass-market smartphone to support satellite calls. It can make and receive satellite calls even if there is no terrestrial network signal. This news not only boosted the mobile phone market, but also brought more benefits to the switching power supply chip market. This switching power supply chip U62133 of Shenzhen UnionPay Technology is suitable for mobile phone chargers and power adapters. It is very competitive in the market. Let's pay attention!

The switching power supply chip U62133 is a high-performance, low-cost primary-side control power switch with a built-in high-voltage power transistor, which can provide high-precision constant voltage and constant current output performance, especially suitable for low-power offline applications. Charger application. Using U62133 can work without abnormal sound, while ensuring excellent dynamic performance. With the integrated line loss compensation function, high-performance constant voltage output performance can be obtained.



Switching power chip U62133 Integrated single-point failure protection, including FB pull-up resistor open circuit, FB pull-down resistor open circuit, FB pull-down resistor short circuit, output diode or SR open circuit, output diode or SR short circuit, transformer winding short circuit, RCS open circuit and other protections. The IC's single-point failure protection function can ensure that the IC is not damaged and the output does not generate overvoltage. When the temperature of the chip exceeds 160°C, the chip will stop working, and only when the chip temperature drops to 135°C can the chip restart to work.

Functional description of switching power chip U62133 pins:

1 VDD chip power supply pin.

2 GND chip reference ground pin

3 FB output feedback and degaussing detection pin.

4 CS Current sampling input pin. C Built-in power transistor collector input pin.


In the application of mobile phone chargers, the battery and charger are usually connected by a cable of a certain length, which will also lead to The voltage delivered to the battery terminals produces a certain voltage drop. Inside the switching power supply chip U62133, there is an adjustable current source controlled by the line loss compensation module that flows out to the voltage dividing resistor connected to the FB pin and generates a certain voltage bias signal. This current is proportional to the switching period and inversely proportional to the output power, so the voltage drop on the cable can be compensated. As the load power decreases, the bias voltage on FB will be increased. The actual compensation amount can be adjusted by adjusting the resistance values of the voltage dividing resistors R1 and R2.

The Mate60 series will once again become the focus of the market, and the mobile phone industry chain is expected to recover gradually.